Fusion Industry Association

The Fusion Industry Association supports efforts to accelerate commercially viable fusion research and development. The Association promotes the interests of the fusion industry by advocating for ways to commercialize fusion power on a time-scale that matters.

Up to now, fusion has predominantly been the province of large, government-funded research programs, with most research funded through Universities or National Labs. Today, however, private capital is being invested in new start-up companies that are trying potentially transformative approaches to fusion with the goal of developing economically viable commercial fusion power within the next several decades. Private companies are aiming to streamline the pathway to a fusion power plant.

This growing fusion industry is represented in Washington DC by the Fusion Industry Association.

The Strategy

The Fusion Industry Association has three strategic priorities that it is pursuing to enhance fusion energy development:

  1. Creating Regulatory Certainty: Fusion research, development, and deployment will be subject to regulation far above the risk associated with the materials and fuel that fusion will require.
  2. Promoting Public-Private Partnerships for Fusion Research: For decades, governments around the world have funded pathbreaking research into science relevant to fusion energy deployment. However, both the results of that research and the researchers who developed it are not easily accessible to the private sector.
  3. Driving Financial Support: Because of the game-changing potential for fusion technology, sustained financing is needed to accelerate fusion from early-stage research to demonstration levels of energy production. The government can drive financial support that would encourage innovation and reduce risk.Capitol Building Sunset