Why Fusion?

  • Fusion is clean: Energy from fusion produces no greenhouse gases or air pollutants. Only clean power is generated during fusion.
  • Fusion is safe: It does not rely upon a chain reaction. Unlike nuclear fission, there is no chance of a runaway reaction that could lead to a meltdown.
  • Fusion energy is practically unlimited: Fusion produces energy by fusing together two hydrogen isotopes – deuterium and tritium. These two isotopes are virtually inexhaustible. Deuterium comes from ocean water, and tritium, though limited today, will be produced from lithium as a byproduct of the reaction.
  • Fusion is secure: The only byproducts of the fusion process are short-lived (i.e. tritium gas) or low-level, and can be safely managed with relative ease. There is no threat of nuclear proliferation with fusion reactors, nor is there the problem of storing long-lived radioactive waste.
  • Fusion is reliable: A fusion reactor will provide always-on baseload power, without the variable fluctuations of renewable power systems.
  • Fusion will create a new industry:  The world needs more energy and cleaner energy. Whoever can be the first to create that new industry will create untold wealth, jobs, and prosperity. If America loses the race, our economy will lose its competitiveness.