Fusion Will Ensure Scientific Leadership

Pursuing fusion will be a clarion call to workers to enter the critical fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Achieving practical fusion power will cement American leadership in solving some of the world’s critical problems, and allow American scientists, engineers, and businesses to sell a new industry around the world.

Fusion will spark monumental scientific achievements. The positive spillover effects of the US fusion program are already being felt. Fusion scientists are making advancements in superconductors, which have a wide range of industrial applications. They are also developing super-power lasers and new high-efficiency semiconductor light sources, large and small-scale robotics, and pushing the progress of supercomputing and modeling.

Other countries (like China, Russia and South Korea) already have ambitious plans to develop fusion. The U.S. will be left behind if Congress and the President fail to make the smart investments necessary.