Fusion Will Ensure Security

Energy and national security are intrinsically linked. The country that most effectively utilizes its energy resources will always have an edge in competition with its global competitors.

Energy becomes a national security policy issue when energy imports affects a country’s governing policies.

Fusion energy will fundamentally reshape calculations about ‘energy security’ – as international attention, resources and prestige will accrue to those countries that lead in technology, not those that happen to be sited on top of natural resources like oil or coal.

When thinking about fusion as a future energy source, it is important to remember that the energy mix of tomorrow will not look like the one today. The demands for large scale electrical generation will continue to increase around the world, even as current resources and infrastructure is exhausted.

Fusion holds promise in addressing these future needs. As an emissions-free power source, fusion energy would become economically attractive.
Fusion has the potential to meet the needs of tomorrow’s economy by providing carbon-free base load power.